Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bountiful Blessings 2...

So it's been a good month. Heart check went really well, no new problems, more than likely no surgeries down the road. His surgeons did a really good job on his repair.

His annual 5 year old check up was good as well. He has grown 3 inches since last year. He remains on the charts with his age range;-) Has been sick with nothing more than a common cold and a sinus infection.

Some of my favorite moments...

Davian has been busy as a bee since he started crawling and has not slowed down since. He hit the floor running every morning. He has his own set of DVD's that he randomly choose to watch - just take over & remove our stuff with no problem, he's so funny.

He loves the mirror, I don't know where he gets that from. He goes straight to the mirror every morning after he is dressed - smiling, cheesing and posing;~} and it's even worse when he gets new clothes, you can't tell him nothing.

Now that he is talking more, it's...

I'm stuck -- mainly in the seatbelt - where he is suppose to be

I don't want it

I want more

Go that way

Go outside

I peed

It hurts
I got it

I wuve you;-)


I want to eat, eat - he is a picky eater but loves to eat, and he eats healthy for the most part, not a junk food kid, loves his green beans, carrots & peas. KETCHUP should be added to the food pyramid, good Jesus ALIVE, he puts it on everything!

well, there is more, but just a few of my favs, he is a non-stop jibberjabber, which most is becoming more & more clearer everyday;-)

oh, oh, how could I forget, he has been on this momma, momma roll for a little over a month, thinking about changing my name, every minute, momma, momma, momma!

Blessings & Miracles!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Bountiful Blessings...

Archer City Rodeo 2010

Needless to say, he had a good time

look at me

me & momma, he had chips in his mouth

Happy 5th Birthday!
boy that cake was good

Happy 5th Birthday

Good night cowboy!

Wichita Falls Rodeo, waiting for it to get started

Checking it out...

Eating popcorn & checking it all out!

Howdy Y'all! Check out my new cow hat (that's what he calls

Me and Pawpaw cutting the grass

Beautiful smile!

Always on the go....

Walter's Family Gathering

Get it!

Hanging out with dad

Tired, just coming from church

Me, playing with my good friend Aisha

See-Saw, oh how I love thee

my little leader, one of the Easter Egg Hunts that we went to was on a playground, so what's more fun? playing of hunting eggs? they all followed, it was so hilarious...

Happy Easter 2010!

I am a worshipper!