Monday, January 4, 2010

My Testimony...

4 years ago today, i went into cardiac arrest and had to have major open heart surgery a couple of weeks later. i was care-flighted from wichita falls to fort worth. mommy had called my dr. & told her that i was coughing a lot and was having difficulty breathing, she didn't want to see me just yet so she told mommy to give me dimetapp cough syrup. so mommy didn't settle for that, she took me to clinic care and the dr. at clinic care told mommy that i sounded fine and since i had an appointment scheduled for Jan. 6, that i would be fine until then, i continued to have breathing & coughing problems, so mommy called my pediatrician again & voiced her concerns, so i went in on the 4th to see here with very little progress, she gave me a couple of breathing treatments in her office that almost killed me because the treatments was increasing my already damaged heart rate, the dr. then noticed that i wasn't looking to good, so she told mommy to rush me to the emergency room for stabilization and that i needed to be care flighted to cook children medical center...oh my what a day! so needless to say that i didn't make it to my appointment on Jan. 6 because i was already there on life support fighting for my little life. during my 4-5 month old check up my pediatrician suspected a heart murmur, so mommy took me in for and EKG. mommy kept taking me to the dr because i was breathing mommy suspected that something was wrong with me because i had difficulty breathing, eating and was slow to develop. my pediatrician at the time kept telling momma that i was ok, but momma knew something was wrong, she was persistence with getting me help, needless to say momma got me a new pediatrician. in-away, i stayed at cooks children medical center for almost 3 weeks until i had surgery & got better. at that time, the dr. said that i had gallstones, but when mommy took me back in for my follow-up & ultra sound, the gallstones were all gone....PRAISE BREAK! boy was mommy happy cause she didn't want me to have to have another surgery. i had already been through the ringer. the cardiologist said that i had 3 holes in my heart and that apart of my heart that was suppose to close when i was born, didn't close, so they had to fix that too and had to create a valve that did not develop, boy that was the longest day of mommy & daddy's life. mommy said that her and daddy prayed for everyday that i would continue to get better and i did, and they still pray for me. during this time i also has upper & lower respiratory infection, pneumonia. when i was discharged from my surgery, i was on a lot of medications, but now i only have to take one medication daily for my heart and i see the cardiologist once a year. i've been a thriving little boy every since!


  1. Oh my goodness, Lakrisa! Praise God you didn't take no for an answer! Wow, what a story this little guy has to tell.

  2. Praise God for a praying & persistent momma!

  3. Wow, what a testimony!! I am so glad you were persistant and he pulled through. Thanks for sharing.