Friday, January 29, 2010

Random pics...

Mommy and I have had a great week. We had a good time tonite, she took me on a date to Olive Garden and I enjoyed myself as usual. Mommy says that she loves taking me out & watching me grow into a beautiful little boy with a personality of my own.
Scooter really does love me, he's just teething...solMe showing off mommy's winter gear;-)

Me standing in front of mommy's new toy;-)
Me getting ready to go to church

I love Scooter!

Me playing in Scooter's crate

My new best friend Scooter, one of my Christmas present

I love chocolate!

playing my guitar for Scooter


  1. LaKrisa,
    You are a wondeful mommy. You guys are blessed to have each other.